Penelope Shirt Dress
Penelope Shirt Dress

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Penelope Shirt Dress

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She has worked a corporate job her entire adult life, but as a teenager, Penelope’s first job was working as a barista at a local café in Seattle. Although she likes her job, lately it doesn’t provide the same satisfaction as it had the first three years. The time Penelope was happiest was when she worked at that coffee shop, and every time she visits a coffee shop or library, she feels safe and right at home. After saving up for years, taking business courses online, and doing a ton of research, Penelope has finally decided to take the plunge. Nine months later, she is finally launching her café which she lovingly named The Library Café. Her café will serve the best coffee, delicious croissants, and pastries. Not to mention it will be filled with books for her customers to read while sipping on their drink of choice. For her big launch, Penelope has opted to wear an orange cherry blossom print shirtdress with clear heels, a perfect look for the perfect café.


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