Ramona Hi-Low Kaftan

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As a head chef, Ramona spends a lot of time in and out of the kitchen, giving orders to staff and keeping everything and everyone organized. Her job can be exhausting, especially since she’s always on her feet, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Food is her absolute passion and so is yoga, when she isn’t running her kitchen, she’s busy with classes as a yoga instructor. She is a very spiritual person, some would even call her a hippie, she can find beauty in anything and loves providing peace and happiness to people. Where Ramona finds most of her peace is where she would consider one of the most peaceful places on earth, Bali. Every year she takes a vacation to Bali but this year is different, this time around Ramona plans to stay. She came to this decision when she was walking barefoot on the beach watching the sunset. She looked up at the orange sky as her butterfly printed high low dress flowed into the air, and she said to herself… “this is home.”

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