Zelie Goddess Kaftan

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As a South African native she has the heart of a lion, she also has the will to do anything she sets her mind to, which is why after graduating from a university in South Africa, she moved to Paris to be a painter. She learned from the best and now she is the best, she has sold countless of paintings to celebrities, dukes, and museums, as well. This year marks her ten-year anniversary since her first art exhibition, she will celebrate this milestone with her twenty fifth exhibition, but this time she’s taking it home to South Africa. Even though it’s her exhibition, she strolls in thirty minutes into the display, and all eyes are on her, as she steps into the gallery wearing an eye catching goddess kaftan with a green eyed lion printed on the back.

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Fabric: Viscose Chiffon
Width: 70 inches
Length: 55 inches