Zuri Pants

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Singing has long been her passion, however, she never had any ambitions of being a singer, her true calling has always been song writing. She’s written hits for the best of the best, from both new and established artists, she has made careers and revived careers with her incredible lyrics, and has earned a hefty paycheck for her craft. She hails from Madagascar and has always dreamt of giving back to her country, after years of hard work she has finally built her legacy, a boarding school in Madagascar. She’s excited for the big reveal, as she stands proudly in a pair of orange sunset animal print pants, and she cuts the ribbon with loud cheers and claps behind her.

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Measurements: L:45 inches Hips: 60 inches, Waist: up to 44 inches
Fabric: Polyester Crepe
Sizing: Please check size chart for detailed measurements