Social Impact of Handcrafted Hats and Bags Made in Tanzania

Inspired by a transformative visit to Tanzania, the beautiful Maasai people, and the enchanting wonders of the Serengeti, Sai Sankoh partnered with creative director Rosemary Kokuhilwa, a Tanzanian native who plays a vital role in the “Tales of the Serengeti” collection. Her unique perspective and deep connection to the region add an authentic touch to the designs.

Campaign and Social Impact:

• Collaboration with Local Talent: We collaborated closely with local talent and production teams to curate hats and bags that harmonize with the collection, highlighting Tanzania’s timeless dedication to sustainable practices.
• Handcrafted Excellence: The collection features hand-dyed straw hats and bags crafted by skilled Tanzanian women, embodying the vibrant colors and textures of the Serengeti and Zanzibar. Each piece reflects the artisans’ dedication and expertise.
• Empowering Women: The campaign is headlined by multi-generational women, showcasing that true beauty transcends age. This initiative provides job opportunities and empowers women in the community, allowing them to support their families and gain financial independence.
• Cultural Inclusion: By including Maasai women as models, we honor their rich culture and traditions, celebrating their unique heritage and bringing their stories to the forefront of the fashion industry.
• Supporting Local Artists: We commissioned a local artist to hand-paint a couture gown for auction, with proceeds benefiting local artists in Tanzania. This not only supports the artists financially but also brings international attention to their incredible talent.

Through these initiatives, Sai Sankoh is committed to making a positive social impact by supporting Tanzanian women and artists. A percentage of the proceeds from the handcrafted hats and bags directly benefits these communities, ensuring that our fashion choices contribute to meaningful change.


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