Sai Sankoh isn't just a fashion label; it's a revolution in style that seamlessly blends vintage allure with modern sophistication. My journey into the world of fashion began in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where my love for creativity and elegance first took root. As a child, I lived by the beach but never learned to swim because of playful scare tactics from my cousins. This experience, coupled with my family's journey through different countries due to the civil war, ignited my passion for travel and luxury resort experiences.

Arriving in America at 15, I pursued a stable career as a pediatrics nurse, a role I cherished for eight fulfilling years. Yet, my heart gravitated towards fashion, leading me to start blogging about personal style and later delving into the world of luxury clothing. My part-time job at Saks Fifth Avenue exposed me to exquisite garments, fueling my desire to create my own line of glamorous resort wear.

In 2018, I took a leap of faith, leaving nursing to launch Sai Sankoh, driven by the belief that vacations are moments of pampering and relaxation, deserving of elegant, runway-inspired attire. I aimed to bridge the gap between high fashion and ready-to-wear, catering to women of all backgrounds and professions who crave sophistication at beach, pool, or resort settings. Our kaftans, designed to fit all sizes including curvy, tall, and petite women, embody the fusion of vintage charm and contemporary elegance.

Every piece in the Sai Sankoh collection tells a story of timeless allure and meticulous craftsmanship. I draw inspiration from my African heritage, blending retro aesthetics with modern flair to create unique, empowering fashion statements. More than clothing, Sai Sankoh is about celebrating individuality, confidence, and inclusivity. It's a journey of elegance, self-expression, and timeless style, inviting you to be fabulous and embrace your unique beauty with pride. Join our family and experience the empowerment of Sai Sankoh style.


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