Sai Sankoh is a revolutionary fashion label that combines vintage and contemporary styles. The clothing line, fittingly named "Sai Sankoh," was developed by renowned businessperson and luxury fashion consultant Sai Sankoh, debuted on November 12, 2018.

Sai is a native of Sierra Leone in West Africa and draws a lot of inspiration from the glamour of vintage fashion. Sai has always been drawn to vintage and one-of-a-kind items. She reconstructs her inspirations in her own distinctive style to make them more wearable, appealing, and exquisite.

Sai stated, "I love accentuating the curves in a woman and adding glamour to something as simple as a basic black dress. After two years of traveling to exotic destinations and sourcing the finest silks and furs; I decided it was time to launch my own line."

Sai concentrates on the finer points of fashion design to meld retro with modern styles. The Sai Sankoh brand is founded on some of Sai's favorite fashion items from her closet and inspired by Sai's own home continent, Africa. Sai wanted to bring the luxury of couture style to the homes of the everyday woman. 

"After six years of writing about celebrity style, styling clients, and reviewing red carpet fashion, I wanted to create my own world, and I hope you are pleased with all the work I have put into my first collection. I simply want you to be fabulous. "Be you," Sai says.

Sai uses clothing to help women all over the world feel more gorgeous, powerful, and confident. She encourages all women to loves themselves and  invites all to join her ever expanding family. 

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