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Busy days and vibrant nights await you in your Allure Blouse. Crafted by Sai Sankoh, this luxury resort-wear piece will have you looking sophisticated and elegant on your next vacation. Made of sheer, luxurious yellow fabric, your Allure Blouse will be the perfect vacation or holiday wear, as seen on celebrities. It's flowy shape and vibrant color will ensure that you make a fashion statement as you explore exclusive villas, dine gourmet, or party in exclusive nightclubs.

Books are her world, she’s an avid reader who got her start fifteen years ago, when she first moved to London, after studying at Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland. She’s been a book critic, an editor, and publisher. Now, she is the youngest to ever own a publication company. At her worldwide company, she publishes books for authors who are looking for their chance to shine through story telling. When she isn’t reading, you can find her socializing with her friends, and enjoying London nightlife. Surprisingly, the weather is nice and today she’s headed to brunch with some friends, wearing her gorgeous yellow sheer voluminous sleeve blouse, which she paired with her favorite jeans.

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