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She is a cardiologist who spends more time in scrubs than she does in regular civilian clothing. Since she loves her job, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is admittedly a workaholic and is trying to take a step back from her time in the operating room. This is why she is excited about her trip to South Africa with her fiancé. He has organized an exciting vacation for them and she has already started shopping, among her items is Amalie, a unique orange and yellow printed high waist pants.

 The Amalie Pants by Sai Sankoh are the perfect companion for your next upscale getaway. These vibrant orange and yellow stripes bring an undeniable energy to your look, as seen on celebrities gracefully luxuriating at luxury lodges, private jet charters, wellness retreats, and luxury safaris. Make sure you pack the Amalie Pants for your next vacation - they're the best choice for luxury resort wear, guaranteeing you the perfect flowy, yet sophisticated look for your best holiday wear.

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