Becca Maxi Dress

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Look no further for the perfect outfit for your next luxury getaway. The Becca Maxi Dress by Sai Sankoh is a regal statement piece crafted from bright green fabric. The voluminous silhouette and flowy fabric make it the ideal choice for dinner parties and palatial suites. Embrace the private chef services and luxury train travel in Dubai and feel your best in this vacation-ready look as seen on celebrities. Make this the best holiday wear to take on your next vacation.

It has always been a dream of hers to travel and explore the great treasures that this big beautiful world has to offer. Unfortunately, life got in the way, as it always does. She decided if she wanted to be a traveler, she would have to pick an occupation that would allow her the opportunity to travel while also making her enough money to support herself. She knew that her job would have to be mobile, which is why she decided to do something tech-related, she also decided to take up blogging as a travel and lifestyle blogger. She has explored sixty-six countries and is now headed to Croatia for her cousin’s birthday celebration. She packed her favorite dress, a green tiered maxi dress. Perfect for the birthday dinner party.


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