Carlita Pants

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She is a tattoo artist who just opened her fifth tattoo shop in Vegas. Although people would expect her to be covered in tattoos, Carlita only has one tattoo, and it rests peacefully at the back of her neck, a black scorpion. Some might be confused by the tattoo, until they discover that the Latin beauty was born on October 31st. She is every bit the epitome of her zodiac sign. She is passionate, loyal, and yes, at times stubborn. She likes to get her way, but she’s always willing to work for it, case in point her career in the tattoo industry, an industry mainly dominated by men. Vegas was the perfect place to launch her fifth tattoo parlor, now she’s off to celebrate at the Casino, while in her green, red, and navy blue print high waist pants, that she paired with her sister crop top, Fernanda. 


Measurements: L:45 inches Hips: 60 inches, Waist: up to 44 inches

Fabric: Polyester Crepe

Sizing: Please check size chart for detailed measurements