Elodie Goddess Kaftan

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If you would have told this single mother of a gorgeous five year old daughter four years ago that she would be making a killing it with her Instagram and YouTube account, she would have laughed in your face. After her divorce, she was left in financial ruins with a daughter to fend for. She has always loved cooking but it was just a hobby of hers, she started posting pictures of her dishes online, and was surprised at the growth of her following. She then decided to create a YouTube channel to teach moms like herself how to make easy healthy meals. Now she has advertisers paying her good money just to showcase their products as part of her ingredients. This single mother has a net worth of three million and is able to provide for her daughter in more ways than she could have ever imagined. She celebrates her thirty fifth birthday this weekend, and she can’t wait to turn heads while wearing her red animal floral print goddess kaftan.

Fabric: Viscose Chiffon

Width: 70 inches Length: 55 inches

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