Hermosa Pants

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She is a sculptor who sculpts her beautifully hand made vase’s, bowls, and centerpieces for her high end clientele. Although she is happy with her small studio and loyal clientele, her ambition is what drives her to grow, and after showcasing her exclusive items for the Head Buyer at Pottery Barn, she now has the opportunity of a lifetime to have her items sold at Pottery Barn stores, in various states all around America. Hermosa is thrilled and after her hard work she has decided to treat herself with a vacation to celebrate this exciting opportunity, she has never been to Peru, but she has always had Peru on her list of places to visit. She’s so excited for her trip that she’s started packing three weeks ahead, the first thing she packed is her newly purchased pink butterfly print pants, the pants fit her figure like a glove and show her curves very well.