Indigo Pants

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She is a free spirit and an artist in every sense of the word, she doesn’t like to limit herself when it comes to art. She creates music, paintings, fashion, and more, her creativity has no limit. She lives in Atlanta and has always dreamed of owning an art gallery that would draw the world’s attention by featuring afrocentric art works of artists in different parts of the world. In six months she traveled to over twelve countries, such as Brazil, Cuba, South Africa, and Ghana, meeting with artists and convincing them to have their work featured in her gallery. Her hard work has paid off and she is finally launching her gallery. The true artist in her loves to express her artistry through fashion, which is why Indigo chose to wear these gorgeous blue print pants, paired with it’s sister goddess kaftan Aphrodite. Her goddess train strolls around her gallery, as she shows off her proud collection of art.

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Measurements: L:45 inches Hips: 60 inches, Waist: up to 44 inches
Fabric: Polyester Crepe
Sizing: Please check size chart for detailed measurements