Leonora Goddess Kaftan

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She is a daytime television host with her own cook show in London, though she has lived in London for twelve years she hails from Kingston, Jamaica and moved to London when she was a teenager. Her cook show has garnered a lot of attention with high ratings, three seasons in and she has already received a better slot on daytime television, more episodes per season, and a five-year extension contract. Though she was happy with the deal her television network offered her, she wasn’t fully satisfied by her pay, so she decided to boss up and she negotiated her way into a better contract, that included a much higher paycheck than she was originally offered. Though she loves her job, one thing she looks forward to every year is a getaway, every year she attends her big family reunion in Jamaica and she has already packed her favorite goddess kaftan, this pink and lime green printed goddess kaftan that would photograph amazingly on the beach and amazingly with her sister pants Elena.


Fabric: Viscose Chiffon
Width: 70 inches
Length: 55 inches