Lisandra Custom Gown
Lisandra Custom Gown
Lisandra Custom Gown

Jezebel Blue Print

Lisandra Custom Gown Jezebel Blue Print

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As a socialite, mingling with others comes easy to her, but there’s nothing this young beauty loves more than being alone in her art studio with her hands covered in clay as she molds statues. She started off just molding vases, but her artistic appetite grew, and with that so did her ambition. She was no longer satisfied molding vases, she wanted to build statues, grand victorious statues that will stand the test of time. Today, she’s a renowned name, whose statues stand tall in cities like Barcelona, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro. She has a showcase tonight, and she will be the belle of the ball in her breathe-taking train long blue animal floral print, high low gown.
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