Magdalene Print Shirt Dress
Magdalene Print Shirt Dress
Magdalene Print Shirt Dress
Magdalene Print Shirt Dress

Magdalene Print

Magdalene Print Shirt Dress Magdalene Print

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Her mother is her idol. Although it was difficult for her mother to raise her alone, struggling to make ends meet, she still wouldn’t change her upbringing for the world. Her mother was a hairstylist for over two decades. She would care for her hair using hair products that she concocted. Her organic hair serums were the reason for her healthy long hair. She always urged her mother to sell her products, but the woman never took it seriously, mainly because she didn’t know a thing about business. She decided to help her mother create a hair care line, and now six years into the business, their items are on the shelves of beauty supply stores and even grocery stores. To celebrate their success, she’s decided to treat her mother to a trip to Fiji. She bought her mother this lovely silk multi color floral leaf print goddess kaftan to wear during her trip, so they can both match in their Magdalene print.
Fabric: Poly Satin

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