Missandei Pants

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As a linguist, Missandei has mastered the art of languages and travels the world to translate for politicians and government officials. She speaks nine languages and is currently working on a tenth, she is currently heading for a conference in Israel, and after that she will be headed to the United Nations General Assembly, where she will be translating for several government officials. Missandei will be attending numerous meetings and conferences during this busy nine-day event. Though she is excited about this event, and is looking forward to be surrounded by some of the most powerful individuals around the world, she is also looking forwarding to her two-week vacation, scheduled right after the UNGA. She will be sipping on tequilas while in her green and black zebra print pants in Martinique. Good thing she’s also fluent in French. 

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Measurements: L:45 inches Hips: 60 inches, Waist: up to 44 inches
Fabric: Polyester Crepe
Sizing: Please check size chart for detailed measurements