Valencia Goddess Kaftan

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As a devoted mother, Valencia spends most of her time doing everything she can to take care of her twin daughters. Life can be unexpected, such as the case when she filed for divorce and became a single mother, but that certainly didn’t stop this hard working optimist. She went back to school to earn her PHD, and now she is a college professor at Yale University, teaching English Literature. Being a great mother to her children, and a role model for her students, are her pride and glory but at times it can be daunting. She is grateful to have a great group of childhood friends who are planning a girl’s trip to Costa Rica for her 40th birthday. Her Sai Sankoh package has just arrived, and in it is the stunning red and black cheetah print goddess kaftan she recently ordered, she’s looking forward to wearing it on her week long adventure in Costa Rica.

Shipping: 7-10 Business Days
100% Silk
Fabric: Silk
Width: 72 inches
Length: 58 inches