4 Kaftan Patterns We LOVE

Fashion is an industry that is always changing, and it’s easy to get lost in the newest trends, styles, and colors. At Sai Sankoh, we’ve created a game-changing fashion brand that combines vintage style with modern fashion. Our designer, Sai Sankoh, offers a variety of unique styles in bright, bold colors that you’re sure to love. You can also explore her new line of Kaftans, which are made and produced in India. Explore our website to learn more about these amazing designs, and continue reading below to learn about four Kaftan patterns that we love!

An image of the Nawara Print from Sai Sankoh.

Nawara Print

Looking to unleash your inner jungle goddess? The Nawara Print comes in both warm and cool tones and features a bold leopard print. Regardless of what you choose to wear in this print, there’s no doubt that you will look like the fiercest woman in the room. Whether you’re having a night on the town with your girlfriends or giving a presentation at the office, you’re sure to feel confident and fabulous in the Nawara Print!


An image of the Khaleesi Print from Sai Sankoh.

Khaleesi Print

Red and blue are two colors that go well together no matter what the occasion, and if you’re looking for a stunning outfit that features both, you can’t go wrong with any of the apparel available in the Khaleesi Print! This stunning print features bold red and blue stripes, a faux jewelry pattern, as well as some jungle cat spots for some added drama. Wear this print when you’re out and about, or dress to impress and watch all the heads turn.


An image of the Sahara Print from Sai Sankoh.

Sahara Print

When it comes to jungle cats, nothing says fierce quite like the tiger, and if you want to capture the confidence and prowess of a tiger, the Sahara Print is for you! You can dress in orange tones or really crank up the heat with a powerful red color. Regardless of the occasion, as soon as you start walking and your Kaftan billows out behind you, everyone in the room will start wondering where you got your gorgeous stripes.


An image of the Jezebel Blue Print from Sai Sankoh.

Jezebel Blue Print

There is a time and a place to look like a fierce jungle queen, but when you’re in the mood for a cool, demure tone, you can’t go wrong with the Jezebel Blue Print. This pattern features a calming blue color, stunning flowers, and leopard spots. A woman can never be without the confidence of a fierce jungle cat, but the blue tone helps calm that confidence, giving you an air of grace that is hard to deny.

Are you ready to find your new favorite brand? Explore the Sai Sankoh brand to discover these beautiful Kaftan prints and so many more. We offer an extensive collection of Kaftans for women, along with a variety of other styles that will have you filling up your entire closet. Explore our collection, and order your favorites now!

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