New Year

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by. I am so excited to share with you my brand new website Sai Sankoh.

I first started Because I am Fabulous to share bits of my life, the things I enjoyed and my style crushes. 3 years later, its still going strong, but with a different perspective, one which I could not be any happier and prouder about. Because I am Fabulous focuses more on celebrity style and fashion now with a full aggregate shopping site. I am quite lucky that my hobby has turned into a small but growing business since the fashion industry is not an easy one to get into at all.

I am glad that through dedication, time, support and the hard work  of my best friend and  business partner Jean Claude and I, the whole new BIAF MEDIA consisting of our 4 other websites will be relaunching soon and not only will you get to see more celebrity style, you will have an easier shopping experience with all of your favorite stores such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, Net a Porter, Far Fetch etc.

As much as I love staying in bed and writing a lot behind a computer screen, I also missed dressing up, taking pictures and just interacting with readers and other fashionistas all around the world, hence the reason for launching this site. I am thrilled I will have time to share more of my life, and the things I enjoy on

One advice I always give to up and coming personal style bloggers is to blog because you have a passion for fashion, because you enjoy waking up and dressing up, not for notoriety or money. It's always nice to be acknowledged and rewarded for your hard work and time, but I believe its a season for everything and everyone. Don't forget that. You can never go wrong with fashion, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Its called PERSONAL STYLE, for a reason. Its YOUR style, own it and wear it with confidence.

I hope you enjoy Sai Sankoh and follow me through my journey.

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