Zoe Designs

I love wearing a custom made dress, not only is it perfectly fitted to your body, but chances are you will most likely be the only one wearing it. I also enjoy working with up and coming designers and I am always wowed by how a beautiful African printed "Lapa" can turn into an amazing gown. Zoe Designs is the brain child of Lakshmi Moore, an uber talented ladies from Liberia. Joanna first designed an African printed gown for me about 5 years ago, which started my love affair with long outrageous gowns. Over the years, they have played with many different textures, prints, and sometimes just a solid color and each piece till leaves me speechless.

I was really inspired by Angelina Jolie in the movie Maleficent, and I wanted to wear something similar for Halloween but in white. I discussed the concept with Joanna and this is what we came up with. I did not make it out for Halloween, but I thought it would be a fun to do the editorial for the site. I hope you enjoy.

The talented duo also reconstructs vintage pieces into super chic wearable clothing.


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